Get ready to whiten those knuckles and hold fast as we talk daring, dangerous, and epic sea stories with veterans of the U.S. Coast Guard.

“Excellent first person stories of success and tragedy at sea from the full range of Coast Guard ratings and specialties. These guys deliver guests with stories that inspire and entertain!” 
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”These stories are the untold truth of America’s usually forgotten service. Huge respect to all the guardians who answer the call on people’s worst day.”
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“The Coast Guard is a small service with incredible stories, but unfortunately very few get told or recorded in a public forum. I love hearing these guests speak - people that are famous in the service that I’ve only heard tales of are now brought to us...
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”I love this podcast! I’ve been looking into joining the Coast Guard and this podcast has been very helpful in giving me a look into actual missions and cases.”
- Review on Apple Podcasts

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