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We talk the most dangerous, daring, and epic sea stories ever told with professional and volunteer rescuers who brave the world’s oceans. Those who go down to the sea and cast off lines enter the most challenging and dangerous environment on earth. Only here will you hear their stories and the lessons gained through their experience.


The original. Veterans of the U.S. Coast Guard talk facing ruthless men who prey on other mariners and storms that turn calm seas into graveyards. 

Professional and volunteer ocean rescuers talk lifeguards rushing into the waves from their towers, police and fire boats pulling victims from beyond the surfline, and bystanders taking action to save another.

Rescuers, lawmen, and sailors making a difference on oceans worldwide, regardless the flag their vessels fly. 


Phil – Ocean Gunfighter. Crisis Manager. SAR Leader. Fast boats, gunboats, lifeboats, & airboats. Now training the best “to punish or to save.” Dad x3.

Bill – Two legged drug dog. Panama Canal Frequent Flyer. AtoN ninja. Cat Herder. White hulls, black hulls, cranes, & buoy critters.

Brian –  Devil dog. Boston. While hulls and gunboats. Now writing bibles for those whose duty takes them to sea.

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